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After Builders Clearance

While building work can provide much-needed property repairs or deliver much-wanted transformations, one thing is certain – it creates an awful lot of mess by the time the job is done. Depending on the contract, getting rid of that waste can either be the responsibility of the contractor or the property owner. Whichever it is, the rubbish will need shifting quickly so that it doesn’t become an unsightly safety hazard. Thankfully, Waste Removal London provides a quick, affordable and sustainable after builders clearance service that’s specially designed to clean up at the end of building work.

Clearing London’s building waste

If you have builder waste that needs removing in London, our after builders clearance service is available in every borough of the capital and everywhere within a 40-mile radius of the M25. We remove and responsibly dispose of waste from all domestic, commercial and civic construction projects, including repair work, groundwork, new builds, extensions, demolitions, renovations, retrofits and fit-outs.

Forms of after builders waste we remove

The waste left at the end of a building project can include a huge variety of objects and materials. From old bathrooms, kitchens, roofing tiles and window frames, to hardcore, pipes, cabling and earth. Our experienced collection teams have the specialist vehicles and equipment needed to remove every type of after builders waste from your site, with the exception of gas canisters, tyres and asbestos.

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    While the newly finished building work may be spectacular, that pile of rubbish left outside the property will look an eyesore. It can also pose a risk to health and safety. Waste Removal London can ensure that the clean-up is done quickly and effectively. With locally based teams working right across London, we are perfectly placed to be at the site in no time. Indeed, if your clearance is urgent, our same-day removals service enables us to take the junk away at short notice. Often, we can be on our way within just a few hours of you getting in touch.

    Convenient times, minimal disruption

    We understand that building projects take place in phases and that, as one contractor leaves, another may be about to start. Not only will you need the after builders rubbish from the first phase taken away swiftly so it doesn’t hold the project back; you’ll also want the next contractor to be able to get on with their work without interruption from your waste remover.

    To minimise disruption to your schedule, Waste Removal London offers highly flexible collection times. We operate from 7 a.m. until 11.30 p.m., seven days a week, including bank holidays, so you can pick a time that is convenient for you. What’s more, when we are at your site, our teams will do everything possible to carry out their work without disruption to your day.

    Safe Builders Waste Removal

    Environment Agency registered, fully licenced and insured, Waste Removal London is able to dispose of all forms of construction waste, including electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) and hazardous materials (except gas canisters, tyres and asbestos). Our teams are fully trained to carry out these tasks and will work in accordance with your construction site’s health and safety rules. They will also ensure no damage or injury results from them carrying out their work.

    With regard to electronic and electric waste (WEEE), we are able to remove items including fridges, HVAC equipment, electrical wiring and other appliances that are frequently found in construction waste. We also clear old computer equipment, however, we do not offer a data cleansing service, so advise that storage devices are wiped prior to collection.


    Safeguarding is important to us, and all our employees have undergone a DBS background check. For your peace of mind, they will also carry company-issued ID, drive branded vehicles and wear our uniform.

    Eco-friendly after builders clearance

    As a waste disposal company, we are committed to delivering an eco-friendly clearance service. We will reuse, recycle and reclaim as much of your waste as we can and will make sure that nothing goes to a landfill site. At the same time, we are striving to minimise our own impact on the environment by deploying teams to local areas and using GPS trackers to shorten travelling routes and cut greenhouse gas and other emissions.

      #1 Same Day Rubbish Removal Company

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      Cost-effective pricing

      While skips are frequently used for moving after builders waste, you will have to put the waste in it yourself and you’ll pay the full rate even if it’s not full. Waste Removal London takes away the hassle of filling the skip and offers a fairer way to pay. Our fees are based solely on the volume and weight of the rubbish we collect. We don’t charge for labour or travelling, you won’t pay more for early morning, late evening, weekend or bank holiday collections and we never pass on congestion or parking fees.

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      Looking for a no-obligation, after builders clearance quote? It’s easy. Just call us, send an email or fill in the contact form telling us what you want to be taken away. We understand that it can be difficult to judge the volume and weight of after builders waste, so, to enable us to provide a more accurate quote, sending a photograph can be very helpful.

      If you’re happy with the quote and wish to proceed, all that’s left is to book a suitable date and time for us to take your rubbish away.