How to Dispose of Old Carpet

How to Dispose of Old Carpet?

Nothing compares to the comfort of walking on brand-new carpet that has been installed throughout your home’s floors. You might be attempting to acquire a new carpet and need to get rid of the old one, whether you just moved into a new place or are simply engaging in a creative hobby. Because the components are difficult to decompose in landfills, getting rid of old carpets could be more difficult than getting rid of any other piece of furniture. Because of these difficulties, safe carpet removal techniques must be used. Let’s have a look at how to dispose of your old carpet.

How to Dispose of Old Carpet?

Ask your carpet retailer

Many carpet sellers will gladly dispose of your carpet for you for an extra fee. This is one of the least complicated methods for getting rid of carpets. But depending on the retailer you choose, the costs associated with doing this can be high.

How to Dispose of Old Carpet - Ask your carpet retailer

Of course, you can always ask if they will dispose of it for you if you have chosen your own carpet installer rather than the one suggested by your carpet merchant. The majority of carpet installers typically bill between £20 and £25 for this service.

Sell or donate it

You can consider selling your carpet if it is still in good shape and you removed it without causing any damage, this way you can reduce waste that you are producing in your home. Bathtubs, kitchen cabinets, and carpets are among the pre-owned household items available for sale on Gumtree and Freecycle.

Reuse the carpet

Reuse the carpet

Utilize pieces of your old carpet or rug in various rooms of your house. No matter how badly it has been damaged, the carpet you thought you would have to throw in the trash can has a surprising number of uses.

  • Make cat scratchers out of old carpeting or cover the cat place with it.
  • Use It in dog kennels, attics, and pipes as insulation.
  • Use it as a weed killer in gardens. Place it beneath gravel or bark to create a clean, weed-free path.

Take it to tip

One of the least expensive solutions is unquestionably disposing of your old carpet at your neighbourhood dump. The vast majority of garbage recycling facilities in the UK offer this service free of charge (make sure you check with your local Council).

However, you will need a large enough car to take your carpet to the dump, and it can leave a lot of carpet fibres inside your car that you will need to clean up. It truly depends on how much free time you have and whether the trouble is worth it because it can require more than one trip depending on the size of your carpet.

Put your old carpet in a skip

Put your old carpet in a skip

If you’re getting rid of your old carpet as part of a larger home renovation project, you may have ordered a skip to cope with a large amount of bulk debris and old furniture you’ll be dealing with. Your carpet and underlay can be thrown in the skip with the rest of the trash if you did hire a skip. Just bear in mind that when carpets are rolled up, they are really bulky and may easily occupy a large portion of your space.

Get rid of it with help of council collection

Unless you are looking for disposal from a business building, the majority of local councils will offer a bulk pickup that includes old carpets.

However, these council collections can be expensive, particularly if you split your carpet into small portions.

Council collections can also be time-consuming and frequently require reservations weeks or months in advance, particularly now that so many councils are postponing large collections due to a shortage of personnel and cars.

Dispose of at the local recycling center

Given that most recycling services are free. This approach is by far the most budget-friendly. If you decide to drop the carpets using your vehicle, keep in mind that you might have to make a few rounds and there is a chance your car will get filled with carpet fluff.

Additionally, if you reside in a remote area, the closest tip can be quite far away, making it more practical to hire someone else to dispose of it for you.

Dispose of at the local recycling center

Once a carpet is delivered to a waste recycling plant, it is broken down into its constituent pieces so they can be used in other products, like house plastic, machinery, interior automobile parts, commercial flooring, and now even parking barriers.


You can use these methods to get rid of your old carpet. If you feel like that you don’t have much time to spend on it, Then a rubbish removal service is the best option you can rely on. Contact Waste Removal London to take care of your old carpets or any other waste. We knows the benefit of recycling so we recycle it in an environmentally friendly manner.