How to Reuse and Dispose of a Christmas Tree

How to Reuse and Dispose of a Christmas Tree?

In the UK, millions of live Christmas trees are supplied annually. The question of whether it is more sustainable to purchase a live tree or an artificial tree is still up for debate. Artificial trees can be used again, whereas actual trees must be harvested, utilised just once, and then thrown away. Why would someone want to remove more trees, then?

The majority of live Christmas trees are raised on farms, much like crops, with the intention of being used as holiday decorations. On the farm, a fresh tree is planted every time a Christmas tree is bought.

Christmas Tree

Compared to plastic trees, live trees are more sustainable since they biodegrade. Additionally, Christmas tree farms offer many of the advantages of public trees and forests, including cleaning the air and water, absorbing carbon, stabilising the land, and other advantages.

Recycling can save our planet from negative impact of christmas tree on our Earth. One of the additional advantages of a real Christmas tree is the various recycling options available after the holiday. Numerous towns provide free Christmas tree recycling and use the trees to produce mulch, compost, and wood chips.

Here are ideas for how to dispose and reuse of a Christmas tree.

How to Reuse and Dispose of a Christmas Tree?

Put it in the trash

After Christmas, the simplest thing to do with your tree is to put it in the garbage so that it may be recycled. This could entail carrying it to the curb, bringing it to your bulk garbage pickup area, or having a dedicated tree plan, depending on your rental arrangement.

Put it in the trash

Check with your local city or township for guidelines, dates, and hours regarding when you are allowed to put your tree out with your usual collection for recycling if your apartment is in a residential area and you frequently take your garbage to the curb.

Ask your landlord or management office what the policy is if you live in a building or complex that offers private or bulk pickup (like a dumpster) and find out when and where you can bring your tree to be sent to its final resting place.

Recycling your Christmas tree

Real Christmas trees can be recycled in many ways. Some cities may collect trees for recycling. Additionally, some regions have groups that host comparable collections for a minimal cost.

You can recycle your tree by giving it to a group that promotes environmental awareness and might have a special use for an old tree. Some zoos welcome your Christmas trees and provide them to the animals to eat or play with. Some conservation organisations reuse Christmas trees as wintertime shelters for animals. Recycled Christmas trees are sometimes used to stabilise coasts, dunes, and riverbanks against soil erosion.


How to Reuse and Dispose of a Christmas Tree - mulch

Making mulch or compost from your tree is the most typical use for it. Mulch is a terrific way to keep your backyard trees healthy and moist during the chilly winter months, whether it’s with wood chips or needles. Pine needles are a rich source of nutrients that improve your soil’s PH if it is more alkaline and allow it to breathe without getting compacted and dense. Make sure to thoroughly mix your pine needles in your compost pile after soaking them in water.

Use it as an animal habitat

Animals in Britain may struggle during a winter. If you’re unsure what to do with your live Christmas tree after the celebrations, think about putting it in a protected area of the garden so that animals can make their homes there. Although wild creatures have many diverse strategies for surviving below-freezing conditions, an old tree can aid by adding extra warmth.

Dump your tree into a lake

You can dispose of your tree in a lake as an alternative to hauling it to a recycler or drop-off location. You can actually throw your real tree, trunk, and branches into a lake or pond separately, and the wood will serve as a home for fish that are overwintering.

Find a lake or pond close by, and then get in touch with the local government to make sure you’re following all rules.

Replanting it

Replanting it

There are also a few additional possibilities. For instance, if you selected a Christmas tree that is in a pot, you can also replant your tree but you must take adequate care of your tree during the holiday season, such as avoiding temperature extremes and giving it regular watering to keep it alive.


1. Can I recycle an artificial tree?

No, you cannot recycle artificial trees.

2. Can I burn the Christmas tree?

Christmas trees do not make good Yule Logs. Their highly combustible oils will coat your chimneys with creosote and raise your fire danger. It is very unwise to burn it because doing so releases the tree’s carbon dioxide back into the air.

3. Can I donate my artificial tree?

If it’s still in good condition, we advise donating your artificial tree to spread holiday cheer. Many charitable organisations will gladly accept your artificial tree. Additionally, you can discover that used artificial trees are useful in senior centres, retirement communities, nursing homes, hospitals, and educational institutions. To find out if any of these charities can use your donation, we advise phoning one of them first.